Porky's Fishfinger Tower

Yo, dudes! This is the big one. A unique invention of the Porkmeister. A paradigm shift that ranks with Newton discovery of gravity; the best thing since Mother's Pride white sliced bread: the Porky Fishfinger Tower!

Step 1.
Ignore old four eyes' superior attitude to Captain Birdseye and pop to Tesco to get yourself a 12 pack of freshly frozen fresh fishfingers.

Step 2.
Turn on the grill. Maybe spend the next few minutes while it's heating up doing some much-needed chores: eg put conkers around the skirting boards of your penthouse apartment to keep spiders at bay?

Step 3.
Place fishfingers under a medium heat grill for 8 to 10 minutes turning once. If you don't have a timer this is about the time it takes to drink half a bottle of wine.

Step 4
Remove fishfingers from grill.

Step 5
Arrange fishfinger tower. This can be done as follows...

Place five fishfingers on the bottom layer then four fishfingers on the middle layer then place, hang on a second 5+4 = 9, 12-9 = 3 so…scrub that.
Place for fishfingers on the bottom layer, then placed three fishfingers on the middle layer, then place to fish fingers in the next layer… Thinking aloud, that's 4+3+2 = 9. 12-9 = 3, that's...hang on.
Don't worry about the fishfingers cooling down as you work out the mathematics of this problem as, by the time you complete it, they will be the optimum temperature for consumption!

Eh voila! Porky's Fantastic Fishfinger Tower!