Porky's Lovely Lean Ham Sandwich

Another invention of mine. As opposed to the standard ham sandwich, my sandwich involves lean rather than normal ham.

Step 1.
Buy some lean ham. If in doubt please ask one of the in-store ham professionals.

Step 2
Apply lashings of healthy butter to some white sliced bread


Step 3
Carefully lay two slices of lean ham onto one of the bread slices.

Step 4
Spoon on a small serving of Branston pickle!

Step 5
Put the second slice of bread on top of this and press down firmly.

Step 6
Cut into triangles. Serve with a packet of KP nuts.



For a 'normal' ham sandwich simply replace the 'lean' ham in the above recipe with 'normal' ham'. In an instant you will have transformed a 'lean' ham sandwich into a 'normal' ham sandwich.