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The Two Mikes Live Show (DVD) £10.99 + £2.50 Delivery

  • The Two Mikes Live Show (DVD) £10.99 + £2.50 Delivery

The TWO MIKES are Britain’s brightest radio presenters, who light up the airwaves on talkSPORT, the nation’s biggest commercial radio station. “Porky” Parry and “Old MG”, Mike Graham engage in relentless banter each accusing the other of louche life-styles and low-level skulduggery. They continually outrage and amaze millions of listeners with verbal banter that at times sounds like a brutal mental battle for supremacy. And now, instead of having to throw your radio through the window you can get up close with the boys An intimate night of theatre where the two miscreants will amuse and astound you, but this time they’re only shouting…or even punching distance away!

****Warning**** This podcast is suitable for over 18s only!

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Live DVD

Live DVD

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