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The Two Mikes "Tales of New York" DOWNLOAD VERSION £8.99

New York
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The Two Mikes, 'Tales from New York' DVD DOWNLOAD VERSION (£8.99)

An enthralling tour of the highways and byways of Manhattan as seen through the eyes of The Two Mikes.

Questions and stories that have woven the rich tapestry of the boys' time on the job in New York City during the 80s and 90s will be revealed and answered once-and-for-all:

"Where was Costellos?" See the Two Mike chatting about some of their favourite stories of that infamous venue from the very spot where they happened!

"Snippets of the live show". See the boys backstage as they prepare for their live show in a music venue/cum real-life winery in the heart of downtown Manhattan. What could possible go wrong?

"Bars, bars and more bars." Where's the best place to set the record straight or to spin a yarn? The Two Mikes know a thing or two about bars and you will have the opportunity to watch on as the boys put the world to rights.

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Tales of New York - Download

Tales of New York - Download

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